SMCC Is The Southeast Source For Livestock Agricultural Consulting


Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting is a food-animal agriculture consulting and product representative company. Founded in 2004 by David Bryant, we have 14 years of experience and client trust that is brought to each good and service provided.

“I have a background in animal science and beef cattle reproductive physiology. I am also the manager of a 5th generation cow-calf operation based in southeast Tennessee. With that background and exposure to the business, I saw the need to bring technology and products to the cow-calf and stocker industries, specifically in the southeast United States,” says Bryant.


At SMCC, we specialize in food-animal agriculture management and facility design. With each product offered, we ask why, how, and if it should be used in an operation. We only recommend the products and services that would be used on our own commercial cow/calf operation.

Our audience includes (but is not limited to) food-animal agriculture, zoos, land grant universities, veterinarians, sale barns, and individual producers. SMCC aims to help keep the producers in business and allow them to continue successfully in food animal agriculture.


As one of the few (if not only) distributors in the southeast United States for the products we carry, we are committed to customizing products to fit your needs.  We are product representatives for Silencer hydraulic chutes, Rice Lake legal-for-trade livestock scales, Deweze hay handling, T&S cattle feeders, and SouthEast AgriSeeds, which are United States-based companies. Our international products include Te Pari precision dosing for livestock and Aitchison drills, both out of New Zealand.


Each year, we travel to and participate in several agriculture trade shows mainly around the southeast United States. Some of these include the Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina Cattleman’s Association shows. SMCC also travels nationally and internationally. Our objective is to come to a location near you!

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