Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting provides hay management solutions through the Harper Industries, Inc., product line called DewEze (do – ease). These products are manufactured in southeastern Kansas. Harper Industries is the largest producer of OEM hydraulics in the U.S. The hydraulic excellence they provide to the world of large work trucks translates well into agriculture applications and has for the last 30+ years.

DewEze offers bale beds, bale arm attachments for your existing flat bed and 3pt hitch tractor bale huggers. Each of these options for unrolling hay provide your farm with the opportunity to utilize your hay more efficiently while making your job of feeding easier.

For bunk feeding and rebaling operations, DewEze offers the Super Slicer II. It can be towed behind your tractor, unrolling and feeding hay into a bunk as you go, or it can be set up stationary with a square baler so that you can create square bales from your round bales. For rebaling, the Super Slicer is an essential tool that allows the quicker round baling process in the field to translate into square bales at a later date under the cover of a barn or shed.