Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting (SMCC) is an all inclusive management service primarily designed for the commercial cow/calf producer. We also can help you intensively manage the dynamic industry of replacement dairy heifers. SMCC is based in southeast Tennessee.

This service enables producers to more effectively manage not only their cattle, but land, and economic aspects that encompass the entire farm. In the end the operators have less work, more economic return, and the confidence that they are producing a superior product. Smoky Mountain Cattle is built by utilizing innovative ideas to efficiently solve everyday management issues of cattlemen. The goal is to help keep the producers in business and allow them to continue successfully in food animal agriculture.

SMCC uses applied research. If a management practice is not economically feasible or practical it is not even suggested. We have the experience of our own commercial cow/calf operation to back it up. So, SMCC would never recommend something that we would not do on own farm. Also, the goal of our program is not to tell the producer how we would manage their operation, but to customize plans for the resources that are already there. SMCC will find or create the best situation for the farm, economics, logistical concerns and for the future.

Part of our responsibility to animal and land management is to provide the operator with the opportunity to obtain tools for optimum efficiency. The majority of these products have been unavailable for the most part in previous years in the southeast US.

Everything that is discussed in the next pages in regards to beef cattle comes as a package deal when your farm is a client of SMCC, which includes a discount on the agriculture management tools that we sell. If you are not a client, you can purchase items and we will analyze samples for you.