Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting (SMCC)  began in 2004 when David Bryant combined his agriculture education, Midwestern agriculture experiences and the needs he saw on his family’s Tennessee farm.  He realized that livestock agriculture in the Southeast needed a dealer of highest quality livestock handling equipment along with an innovative mind for facility design.  Over the last 15 years he has managed his family’s cow/calf operation while also “working to farm” via Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting.

In addition to livestock facility design and equipment, David ventured into highest quality seed sales and pasture management in 2012.  Helping farmers maximize their pasture renovations and management has been a rewarding endeavor.

The SMCC customer list includes private cattle/goat/sheep/equine operations, grazing dairies, an elephant sanctuary, vet schools, all the state land grant universities in the Southeast, corporations investing in agriculture, NRCS and custom farm-to-plate producers.

SMCC equipment and innovations enable producers to more effectively manage not only their livestock, but also land and economic aspects that encompass the entire farm. In the end the operators have less work, more economic return, and the confidence that they are producing a superior product. Smoky Mountain Cattle is built by utilizing innovative ideas to efficiently solve everyday management issues of livestock agriculture operations. The goal is to help keep the producers in business and allow them to continue successfully in food animal agriculture.

SMCC uses applied research. If a management practice is not economically feasible or practical it is not even suggested. We have the experience of our own commercial cow/calf operation to back it up. SMCC does not recommend something that we would not do on our own farm. Also, our approach is to customize plans for the resources that are already at the farm. SMCC will find or create the best situation for the land, current facilities, economics, logistical concerns and for the future.

Part of our goals in assisting animal and land management is to provide the operator with the opportunity to obtain tools for optimum efficiency. The majority of the products we carry have been mostly unavailable in previous years in the Southeastern US.  And even now, we are the longest standing, highest experienced dealer of many of the products we carry.

Thank you for taking time to read here today and be introduced to Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting.  Please call or contact us for more conversation!