T&S Cattle Feeders

Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting provides southeast beef producers with T & S Trip Hopper Range Feeders out of Jermyn, TX. T&S Feeders are our preferred solution for measuring feed while you feed. These heavy-built feeders come in a range of sizes from the “Jr” that will fit on your farm RTV to the line of truck mounted feeders.

Capacities for the truck mounted feeders range from 750lbs to 3000lbs based on ¾ inch range cubes. T&S Feeders are made incredibly sturdy and will handle more weight than the range cube capacities that they use to label their feeders.

For Southeast varieties of feed not in range cube form, like cotton and soybean hulls, the feeders will hold more weight than the listed capacities and still allow you to measure your input costs.

Cab mounted switches and options to feed by individual dump or constant flow make this feeder a versatile beef operation tool that helps the producer feed cattle efficiently and specifically for various operation settings.