Southeast AgriSeeds

Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting is proud to partner with Southeast AgriSeeds, LLC, a sister company of King’s AgriSeeds.

The growing season is too short and too important to plant less effective, boring seed…

…that’s why we provide expert knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best seeds for your farm out of the best, most innovative seeds available.  We understand that choosing a new-to-your-farm seed can impact the farm into the future for years; that’s why we promote Southeast Agriseeds.

Southeast Agriseeds, LLC is based in Rome, GA and services the southeast US by offering a full line of forage and cover crop seeds from trusted companies like King Fisher, DLF, Barenbrug, Alta, Smith Seed (Cajun 2/Persist Orchard), as well as Master Choice corn silage hybrids.   We also provide Ray’s Crazy Mix, but if you want to, you can create your own blend and we’ll mix it, bag it , put YOUR name on it and ship it directly to you!

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To view our digital seed product information guides, use these PDF links:

Summer Annual Manual

Cover365 Cover Crop Guide

Pasture Renovation Guide

Winter Annual Manual