TAEP Program

Welcome TAEP Applicants:

The Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program is an excellent opportunity to take your farm operation to the next level!  For many years we have served TN producers as they make decisions about how to best utilize their Ag Enhancement funds.

BUY directly FROM US **OR** from us via YOUR LOCAL farm store/co-op.
Our products are not regularly available in your local stores, but we are happy to work with your local store to serve you!

Below we have listed those TAEP items we can supply to approved applicants.  Links to our product pages are included. 

Please, have a look and let us know if we can talk livestock and pasture management with you.  We hope to help you reach your Ag Enhancement goals in 2019!


Livestock Equipment Category:

Hoof trimming table or chute*

Squeeze chute*

Carriage for squeeze chute*


Alley frame*

Rolling block door/ alley back stop*

Animal scale/indicator

Crowding/sweep tub*

Loading chute*

Automatic cube pellet feeder/cake feeder – We carry two brands for this category: Deweze  |  T&S Feeder

Hay unroller

Fly sprayer

Corral panel* – portable panel, gate in frame/bow gate, creep/feeder panel

Pasture gate

Electronic identification (EID) reader

Permanent working pen – for receiving, separating, weaning, or holding livestock prior to working and/or loading. The pen should be in close proximity to working facility equipment.

  • New construction of permanent working pen only

° Maximum size – 10,000 sq. ft.

° Minimum size – 420 sq. ft.

° Rails – minimum of 4

° Multiple pens are allowed

° Eligible materials include:

– Treated lumber – boards (min. 2 in. x 6 in.) and wood posts (min. 6 in.)

– Metal – guard rail and I-beams

– Pipe fence – standalone pipe (min. 16 gauge, 2 in. diameter) and/or continuous fence panels (min. 16 gauge)

– Gates – min. 2 in. – 16 gauge tubes, min. length 8 ft.; gates must be installed

Livestock Solutions Category:

Bale processor/windrow bale feeder

No-till pasture drill* – min. 6 ft. working width