TAEP Program

Welcome 2020 TAEP Applicants!

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  • Below we have listed those TAEP items we can supply to approved applicants.   
  • Please, have a look and let us know if we can talk livestock and pasture management with you. 
  • We hope to help you reach your Ag Enhancement goals in 2020!


NEW Row Crop Solutions

3. Drive-over scale — scale platform and scale indicator/monitor
6. Grain bin — minimum capacity of 10,000 bushels
• Smaller capacity bins can be combined to reach 10,000 bushel minimum
• Labor for the construction of bins; not eligible — labor provided by applicant
NEW or USED Row Crop Solutions
14. Transport auger


Hay Equipment

1. Hay mower; not eligible — rotary cutter
3. Hay tedder
4. Hay rake

Link to official TAEP site and list

NEW Livestock Equipment

2. Animal scale/indicator

3. Automatic cube pellet feeder/cake feeder — scales optional at time of purchase only
8. Electronic identification (EID) reader
13. Hay unroller
14. Headlock stanchion/palpation rail/stall loop
16. Pasture gate — interior use only; must be installed at time of reimbursement
19. Sheep/goat fitting stand
21. Ultrasound and accessories
New or Used Livestock Equipment
22. Alley frame
23. Alleyway
24. Carriage for squeeze chute
25. Corral panel — portable panel, gate in frame/bow gate
26. Creep/feeder panel
27. Crowding/sweep tub
29. Hoof trimming table or chute
30. Loading chute
31. Neck extender/brisket bar/head holder
32. Palpation cage
33. Rolling block door/alley back stop
35. Squeeze chute
36. Tilt/roll table

NEW Livestock Solutions

5. Mobile working system — must be a mobile self-contained trailer unit; must include head gate, alley, and crowding/holding area
6. Self-unloading feed wagon
New or Used Livestock Solutions

9. Bale processor/windrow bale feeder
10. Hay wrapper — machinery used for the wrapping of hay for use as haylage

12. No-till pasture drill — minimum 6 ft. working width

Link to the official TAEP site and list

Permanent Working Pen

Eligible Items

Permanent Working Pen — for receiving, separating, weaning, or holding livestock prior to working and/or loading
• New construction only


Link to official TAEP site and list


Thank you and blessings on your Ag goals in 2020!