TAEP Program

Welcome 2022 TAEP Applicants!

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Our specialized products are not typically available in your local stores, but we are happy to work with your local store at no extra cost!  Here’s our list of TAEP categories below.  Thanks!

Row Crop Solutions

4. Drive-over scale — scale platform and scale indicator/monitor

Livestock Equipment

2. Animal scale/indicator

8. Electronic identification (EID) reader
15. Hay unroller

17. Pasture Gate

**Options New and Used:
24. Alley frame

25. Alleyway

26. Carriage for squeeze chute

28. Corral panel — portable panel, gate in frame/bow gate

29. Crowding/sweep tub

33. Loading chute

34. Neck extender/brisket bar/head holder

35. Palpation cage

36. Rolling block door/alley back stop

38. Squeeze chute

39. Tilt/roll table

New or Used Livestock Solutions

8.  Mobile working system
10. Multiple animal scale
**Options New and Used:
13. Bale processor/windrow bale feeder
16. No-till pasture drill — minimum 10 ft. working width