Used Products

We deal mainly in new equipment for the brands listed on this site, but from time to time, customers will ask us to assign a value to their used equipment in order to trade it toward the purchase of a newer unit.  This most often happens with cattle chutes.

Occasionally, customers ask if we will help them sell a piece of equipment that they no longer want.  This could be any item from the general categories of products we carry.  Of course, we all wish used legal for trade scales were more available!

Here is a list of USED equipment we currently have available.  Please call or email for additional information.

Images of used equipment available on our Instagram @SmokyMtnCattleConsulting

Thank you!
David and crew.

  • Legal for Trade Scale
    • REFURBISHED Rice Lake Mobile Scale – $29,500 with warranty
      • 18′ tandem axle mobile legal for trade scale – available immediately – no factory wait time, plus a considerable discount off what these cost new!
      • This unit was traded in by a producer in Alabama who upgraded to a newer unit.  This unit was consistently used by that producer, but very well cared for.  This unit is now professionally refurbished with axle check, new flooring, air bags, tires, brakes, etc. Contact us via phone or email for more details
      • 6 month warranty for non-wear-parts
      • delivery negotiable
      • Use and Care training in-person by David, plus ongoing phone support.
      • These units currently retail for ~$34,000.  This unit is ready January 1, 2020.  Current build times for new scales are 8+ weeks out.  For the quality, price and faster availability, this is a rare find on the ag equipment market.

  • W&W Hydraulic
     This item has been sold to a producer in Alabama!

    • REFURBISHED $8500, delivery negotiable
      • right hand side exit
      • left hand overhead controls

  • Deweze Super Slicer (a.k.a. ReBaling Boss)
    This item has been sold!

    • Used. $10,000
      • Customer has asked us to help him sell this unit.
      • runs via tractor pioneer couplers
      • shed kept most of its life. In excellent condition.
      • delivery not included in price but is available.
      • these retail new for about $16,000

  • Silencer Ranch Chute

    This item has been sold to a veterinarian in Mississippi! Check back again soon for more excellent refurbished products!

    • REFURBISHED – $10,500, delivery negotiable
    • No power unit included, but new electric or gas power available or can be run off 30+ HP tractor
    • Details:
      • regular length
      • neck bars
      • neck access
      • hydraulic lower squeeze
      • right hand side exit
      • left hand palpation door
      • louvers
      • right hand overhead controls
      • set up for a yoke carrier

  • Silencer Commercial Pro Chute  

    This item has been sold to a farmer in Alabama! Check back again soon for more excellent refurbished products! 

    • REFURBISHED – $7,500, delivery negotiable
    • Included 5 HP electric power unit
    • Details:
      • regular length
      • neck bars
      • neck access
      • hydraulic lower squeeze
      • louvers
      • vertical split drop pans
      • left hand over head controls