Used Products

We deal mainly in new equipment for the brands listed on this site, but our customers ask us to assign a value to their used equipment in order to trade it toward the purchase of a newer unit or sell it.

If you are interested in used equipment, please Contact Us.  We often know of availability around the southeastern U.S.  If we don’t have it, we will help you find it.

Available January 2023

**Used Silencer Chute:  Hydraulic Heavy Duty Extended Cattle Chute**
Features: Left hand overhead controls, Left hand side exit, Louvers, Hydraulic lower squeeze, Left hand palpation door, Dual neck bars, Hydraulic dehorning bar, Dual neck access, Solid floor, Brisket bar, Dual drop pans, 5HP 240volt power unit, 30 feet hydraulic hoses, 2017 year model, Can have scales added

Call David for more details. (Phone)