Silencer Chutes

Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting is your Southeast source for Silencer chutes. We provide sales and installation throughout the Southeastern US as well as southeast border areas of the Midwest, mainly in Missouri, Indiana and Ohio.

Silencer Chutes are an exclusively hydraulic cattle management tool created by and built at Moly Manufacturing in central Kansas. Each chute is hydraulic and made to order for your specific cattle operation.

There are no cookie-cutter chutes waiting in storage to fill your order. This is very important to us, since each cattle working facility is unique.

At SMCC we supply and install these chutes to various types of producers and support facilities in the cattle industry. From private applications at the local farm/ranch, to commercial operators, to veterinarians and university research facilities, we have helped our customers design their facilities for a Silencer, select the correct chute options for their current facilities, and/or choose a mobile option to suit their travel needs.

At local farms and ranches we serve producers who raise beef cattle as a retirement goal or as a second family business and desire to upfit their facilities with the best and safest cattle handling equipment available. They know that the ability to handle cattle calmly and efficiently, no matter their herd size, will help them continue working safely and profitably throughout the years ahead.

In commercial settings Smoky Mountain Cattle has provided operators and livestock markets with the most efficient and sturdiest built cattle handling solutions in the industry. We’ve helped sale barn owners upgrade their facilities, saving them time and payroll expenses immediately – and made their veterinarian really happy. We’ve helped commercial operators design chutes and full systems (chute, alley, turret gate) for their existing barns or new construction working areas.

A Silencer makes the current workload more manageable from the moment you turn the chute on. In some cases, the Silencer chutes and systems can eliminate our customer’s need for additional helpers on low volume cattle working days, freeing those payroll dollars and employee hours to accomplish other tasks. In other cases, the Silencer is the solution our customers want so that the immediate family can handle working cattle on any day. This ability to raise the efficiency and lower the strain of working cattle is why we are committed to the fully hydraulic and customized Silencer chute.

Veterinarians for food animals are in high demand and short supply. We like to think our stationary and mobile chutes are the “third arm” that vets need to finish sooner and start home earlier. That’s a pretty tall order with all the demand for livestock vets and the daily requirements of their job, but Silencer chutes can help reduce the stress on the vet and the livestock while promoting efficiency throughout the day’s tasks – a win, win for vet and animal!

Teaching farms throughout our state university agriculture programs have a unique role in the beef cattle industry. On the one hand, they tackle the job of communicating to and documenting the science of agriculture together with each new generation of students year after year. On the other hand, they run a full time farm with all the full time demands of land, livestock, crops and weather. When you put these two hands together, you’re shaking on the realities of the future of agriculture research. We agree, the realities are big, the daily tasks are ever present and the challenges of budgets and the market are just as present in your setting, and maybe more so in certain ways, as they are in any other setting of the beef cattle industry. Silencer chutes in the research facility setting provide students with exposure to the best equipment available, while making cattle handling tasks calmer and more efficient. Smoky Mountain Cattle has worked with land grant universities to replace old equipment and design new handling facility layouts with Silencer chutes helping them reach their goals.

If you are visiting here at from a facility that requires a bidding process, please give us a call. We are familiar with the bidding process and are happy to place our most competitive bid to serve your organization.

Ordering Your Silencer Chute

Silencer chutes are each made to order for your cattle handling preferences and needs. At Smoky Mountain Cattle it is very important for your order to reflect what, and only what, you need and want in a cattle chute. David is very thorough in explaining each Silencer chute option and discussing your cattle handling needs and preferences. He’s always on your side with not spending money on chute options you may not use.

Once you’ve finalized your order, David will place your order with Moly Mfg. He is conscientious about your expected timeline for adding a Silencer to your operation. You’ll be given a projected build date for the chute and updates as we receive them from Moly Mfg.

David can come personally to your facility to help you plan your facility layout/updates and to install your chute. As a SMCC customer your factory warranty will be doubled, and David will be available via phone to answer your questions at installation and beyond.