Rice Lake Scales

Smoky Mountain Cattle Consulting provides southeast producers with legal for trade scale solutions via Rice Lake Weighing Systems out of Wisconsin.

You cannot afford to guess animal weights. A legal for trade scale is the one piece of cattle handling equipment that conclusively demonstrates it has paid for itself.

Rice Lake produces stationary and mobile legal for trade livestock scales. Their two mobile scale models are unique to livestock weighing internationally. Since Rice Lake is the leader in over the road truck scales, we have found them fully able to meet livestock weighing systems criteria and the demands of cattle producers.

For some producers, the purchase of a legal for trade scale replaces trips to the local truck stop scales. Over time, depending on the number of truck loads per sale date, the value of savings in shrink alone pays for the scale. With the added convenience and time savings of weighing on the farm, a legal for trade scale proves itself to be a smart investment.

For producers who are so inclined, allowing other local cattlemen to use their scale has provided a means for recouping their investment with even more efficiency.

Smoky Mountain Cattle has worked with cattleman associations and extension offices throughout the southeast to supply scales to these organizations for use by their members and local producers. In some instances, stationary scales have been installed at local fair grounds to supply a centrally accessible legal for trade scale to that county’s cattlemen. In other cases, extension services have purchased mobile scales and created a system for cattlemen to utilize the mobile scales at their own farms.